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Option 1 Read in magazine format by using the Flipster app (the magazine looks just like the print version!)  This Merlin Consortium resource expires on October 31, 2017 and will not be renewed.

Flipster offers digital magazines (current and back issues) for you to view online or download with the free Flipster app to a mobile device to view offline.

Weekly issues can be checked out for two days and monthly issues can be checked out for one week. There is no check out limit. Use your library card to log into Flipster, use the HELP link for further instructions or visit the Flipster FAQ.

The current Flipster subscription includes: 

Clean Eating Consumer Reports Buying Guide
Country Living Dogs Life
Food Network Magazine Good Housekeeping
HGTV Magazine People
Prevention Rolling Stone

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Option 2:  Read in PDF format by using the Badgerlink databases. Login to Badgerlink first, then use the links below.

Use your library card to access these full text magazines (pdf format).

Archaeology 1999-present
Architectural Digest 2008-present
Backpacker 1990-present
Bicycling 1990-present
Boys' Life 1990-present
Consumer Reports 1991-present
Consumer Reports Buying Guide 1998-present
Consumer Reports on Health 1992-present
Cosmopolitan 1996-present
Country Living 1996-present
Discover 2001-present
Ebony 1945-present
Esquire 1996-present
Field & Stream 2001-present
Girls' Life 2001-present
Health 2010-present
Highlights 1993-present
House Beautiful 1999-present
InStyle 1996-present
Jack & Jill 1994-present
Ladybug 1994-present
Macworld 2001-present
Marie Claire 2001-present
Men's Fitness 2002-present
Men's Health 1990-present
Money 1990-present
Mother Earth News 1990-present
Mother Jones 1990-present
National Geographic 1995-present with 3 month delay
National Geographic Kids 2000-present with 3 month delay
New Moon Girls 2008-present
New Yorker, The 2004-present
Newsweek 1990-present
Outdoor Life 2001-present
PC Magazine 1999-present
PCWorld 1996-present
People 1994-present
Popular Mechanics 1996-present
Popular Science 2002-present
Prevention 1990-present
Ranger Rick 1994-present
Real Simple 2000-present
Redbook 1996-present
Rodale's Organic Life 2015-present
Runner's World 1990-present
Runner's World 1990-present
Saturday Evening Post 1931-present
Science News 1975-present
Seventeen 2007-present
Sky & Telescope 1994-present
Smithsonian 1990-present
Sports Illustrated 1992-present
Teen Vogue 2007-present
Time 1990-present
USA Today Magazine 1992-present
Vanity Fair 2005-present
Vegetarian Times 1996-present
Women's Health 2007-present
Yoga Journal 1990-present
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