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STEAM Friday Olson Library Rocks with Mineral Mosaics

From June 15, 2018 10:00 until June 15, 2018 11:00
Posted by Olson Library Staff
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Join us for a session of rocking with minerals and semi-precious stones on display. Also, use some of the 2,500 mosaic pieces of 49 different rocks and minerals to create a mosaic of your own. Perhaps you may use it as a Father's Day gift or a decoration for your room. We will have real examples of as many of the 49 different kinds of rocks and minerals that are featured in the mosaics as we can. We will also have the rocks and minerals displayed on a poster so you can match your mosaics to the items in the poster for identification. The activity is meant for kids age 4 and older, but, if younger ones come with their parents to help them, we should be OK. Please sign up at the desk in the Kids' Area. We will be using glue or glue sticks and scissors to trim our mosaics to fit the design chosen. All kids age 10 and younger, please bring an adult with you.