Walter E. Olson Memorial Library

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Murder Mystery for Tweens, Teens and Adults at Olson Library Un-Happy Hour

From July 19, 2018 05:30 until July 19, 2018 08:30
Posted by Olson Library Staff
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The Mystery: Sign up at the library for a part in this murder mystery. There are 6 suspects and 2 extra guests who are innocent by-standers. Here is the plot: When the lights go out on Disco Fever, it's lights out for Dexter Doyle, too. A gun shot shatters the fun, the dance floor clears and there's poor Dex, not dead on his feet but dead on the floor. So who's spoiling all the fun in this Chicago bar, the greedy bartender, a mysterious barfly, or is it really you who's been doing the hustle? The Suspects are: Phil Muggs, Marshall Hartz, Ginny Tonick, Dolores Delgato, Marlena, and Willy Krash. The extra guests are Dwayne Pokem and Dr. Rita Book. Each player gets his or her own role book with information about their character and dirt to dish on the other suspects. There are three rounds of revelations and questions and clues before each guest gets a chance to vote for the guilty party. Then, the actual perpetrator is revealed. Light refreshments will be served. Costumes are suggested but not mandatory. For more details, check at the library.