Join us as we welcome area photographer and author Bob Kovar to discuss his book, Beneath the Eagle Tree on Monday, June 22nd at 5:30pm.


At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bob Kovar set out to try and shed a little light and, at times some levity, into the world by sharing a daily post on his Facebook feed that possessed enough good vibes to make anyone smile. A longtime photographer of the natural world, Bob had been taking images of his beloved north woods his entire life. Learning to write with wit and positivity in the throes of a pandemic was, however, an entirely new experience. Over time, Bob was able to reconnect the positive pathways from heart to pen, or in this case keyboard, as he tapped out stories and shared images from his early morning walks down to the Trout River to watch the sun rise from under the big pines on the point where the eagles have nested as long as anyone can remember. Whether sitting there in below zero temperatures or swarmed with hangry mosquitoes, Bob learned that you had to be in The Great Out There, where inspiration was sure to find you. Under the tree in front of beautiful sunrises and accompanied by the wild things that floated or loped by, he found he could write about anything that brought him joy and felt compelled to share it with others. His postings gathered many followers across several social media platforms with many asking him to “please write a book!” He  was happy to oblige and set out to piece a book together of these postings in December of 2021. He has compiled his writings and images from this period of time into his first book, which is titled “Beneath The Eagle Tree”. The book includes a forward by noted author and naturalist John Bates and was edited by his very talented daughter Callie Bates, an accomplished author in her own right. The book was self-published by Trout River Press in August 2022 and is available from the author’s website.