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Saturday Murder Mystery Game--Lethal Luau

From February 24, 2018 02:00 until February 24, 2018 05:00
Posted by Olson Library Staff
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We invite participants age 10 and over to join us in another murder mystery game in the Library's Community Room. It was a small luau on a sunset beach to celebrate Maui-based detective Chase Diamond's 33rd birthday. Chase is a good detective and also a good romancer of many ladies. He takes a sip of his Mai-Tai to toast his friends and falls over dead of poisoning. You, as one of the guests, are a suspect. All the guests will be trying to figure out which one of you freshened his drink. Characters are: Chase's client Les Baggs--a bumbling tourist who lost his luggage; Leilani--a sweet Hawaiian hula dancer who created a special hula for Chase's party; Chief Honikauau Wiki Wiki-a fearsome-looking Polynesian tribal chief who believes in ancient customs and tribal justice; Holly Day--(wealthy socialite with a very jealous billionaire husband)-sailing in her 70-foot yacht checking out the South Seas and its male citizens; Joey Breakers--surfer dude who does odd jobs for his old buddy Chase including the dirty work of surveillance, illegal entries and wire taps; and Nadia Seymour-a swimsuit model who just finished a photo shoot and is vacationing in Maui before getting back to work in New York. Two more non-suspects round out the guests: Birdie Putt--female U.S. pro golfing circuit player and first-aider who comes on the scene moments after Chase's death and Rip Tides -a scuba diving instructor whose boat broke down off-shore from the luau location.